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LEARN exactly how to identify what meal/diet is best for you
to effortlessly lose weight and increase vitality!

You’ll have 100% full-proof answers to why your mood, energy, focus, or weight loss has been a struggle….

The 2 hour MY PERFECT PLATE Blood Sugar Webinar starts 9/22/21 at 5:30 pm PST/7:30 pm PST
with Debi Waldeck, the Professor of Hope, Health, and Happiness.

Because there is only ONE You, ONE Diet, and ONE Life!


NO more confusion when you ‘learn the language of YOUR body!'


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So even though you may have convinced yourself that ‘Now is not the right time” –

Guess what, ‘someday’ is never going to happen…

Or you think, ‘I will figure it out for myself, I don’t have the money to invest with a health coach.” –

The blood sugar webinar is free (for now)! It is the beginning! Why do it alone? Do you want one more year of resolutions?

“This will probably be too complicated.”

Learning anything new can be a challenge but you will take this with you for the rest of your life. This is the foundation to health yes, but also to peace and prosperity.


Skipping as a child? When is the last time you skipped? Let’s SKIP (Self-Knowledge is Power!)

If you are another year older and are still struggling with focus, energy, or weight…

If you are a seeker of truth...

If you have been looking and trying but still feel frustrated…

If you want that clarity…

If you want to feel great so that you can fulfill your spiritual vision…

If you want to support your family’s health….


September 22, 2021 at 5:30 pm PST/7:00 pm PST


Lay the Foundation for improved health: You wonder why one diet works for your sister but not you or why one diet worked for you THEN but not now. Stop taking online diet quizzes! Testing your blood sugar in a specific way will reveal all the answers.

2021 will create unprecedented success for you: ‘Knowing thyself’ is the secret that lies beneath your ability to manifest greatness. We are shifting from what works for the masses to what works for you and that is true in your health as well.

You will be on Fire and attract greatness: We call this ColdFire which is the unshakable faith that even when you step into darkness, you will never fall rather you will be carried or you will take FLIGHT! It is the ‘IT’ factor or the Je ne sais quoi’ where people see you and wonder, ‘I don’t know what she has but I want it.’

Permanently End Confusion over your body: Many are unaware that as they work to think positive thoughts, the body is also ‘talking’ to the mind and hijacking the very process that is the law of attraction.

Never again DIET: You think, ‘Do I Eat This or Do I Eat That?’ Rather, you will learn ‘Oh I Do It Every Time!’ Just like the Vet will ask, ‘what is your cat’s diet?’ You will learn the perfect Diet for your body that will make weight loss effortless and release incredible energy and focus.



2020 definitely gave us a clearer view of what we do and don’t want. Add to that the concern over Covid-19 and the diet of doom and gloom since last March. It’s no surprise that so many people are afraid to put themselves out there and trust again.

But respectfully, a moment is enough – and I’m here to tell you NOW is the time to move on. Because when times get tough (and weird), it’s a perfect opportunity for us to take stock of what’s going on…

With conflicting views over healthcare, the vaccine, the immune system, supplements, and more, isn’t this the perfect time to learn about YOU?

I have coached thousands of clients who are intelligent freethinkers and have been searching for answers personally and for their family. Many have spent tons of money on coaches of all kinds but still feel stuck and frustrated. Some of my clients have paid business coaches to teach them how to make more money, but then they realize that without health, what good is wealth?



You see, 2020 changed me as well.

Years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and given medication and then I got pregnant. Sadly, they did not know then that the drug could cause complications in an unborn child. Today, the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) says to not take the drug (I was given) while pregnant. Maybe, because of sad stories like mine. After seen complications during my pregnancy, I was advised to abort the pregnancy. However, I heard my gut, my God, my intuition that said, ‘No, you will have a healthy baby….’ And I was even given the name. I chose to continue the pregnancy against all conventional wisdom.

The baby was born with a significant heart defect that required seeing the cardiologist regularly to check blood oxygen levels. But I was not afraid. I somehow knew that what was promised was done in the spirit but would take time to see manifest in the flesh. Our baby received spontaneous healing at 13 months that was called a miracle however, he came down with many diagnoses over the next seven years. During this time, I spent 10,000 hours looking for answers. A diagnosis like asthma, allergies, eczema, ADHD, night terrors, lazy eye, speech impediment all seem ‘normal’ today, but I knew there was a reason and I knew the reason was not deficiencies in drug A, B, or C!

Ultimately, I saw that regardless of the condition, there were consistently the same common denominators reported in clinical abstracts: elevated cytokines, low sIgA antibodies, low glutathione. I wondered why was no one else saying or possibly seeing this. Rather, we now have 150 autoimmune diseases and new conditions in our children like POTS, ARFID, PANS, etc.

We are so worried about the Pandemic that we are not seeing the Epidemic right in front of us and that is a world where our children are suffering with terrible anxiety or thinking ‘normal’ is living on Zyrtec or Adderall.

Illness and disease are epidemic, but we fail to see it because we put every different disease or condition into a different 'bucket' when in fact, the root issues are the same. Rather than try to treat every one of our child’s conditions (the different buckets), I addressed the root and our child became whole and is living an amazing life and that is what I want for you as well.

For 30 years, I have shared this message, but it was 10 years ago when I was certified to teach low-glycemic eating to lose weight by eating in a way that would lower blood sugars that I learned a SHOCKING SECRET. As I taught, I saw half of my class would do great and others not so much. In one class, I had two sisters who did the exact same thing and one lost 51 pounds in 12 weeks, the other lost seven. She was devastated and so was I.

That was when I began to look at blood sugars. I have done 18,000 blood sugar tests with nearly 1000 clients. I could have 100 people eat the exact same keto meal and have entirely different blood sugar responses.

This is why one diet works for some but never all.

Now we have COVID-19 and lack of social interaction and fresh air. Then we have an overcompensation of alcohol, drugs, and sweets. This is the perfect storm to weaken the immune system even further.

Therefore, I am going to give you the SHOCKING SECRET for FREE that will reveal why focus, energy, mood, or weight-loss have been a struggle. I am that passionate about you-Knowing-about-you!

Because when you have the core elements dialed in, you can trust your body, your health, your gut, your God, and your intuition a little better.

I help freethinking women struggling to get their mojo back conduct simple at-home tests to reveal early red-flags and warning signs of impending disease, so they know their bodies better than their doctors and effortlessly experience weight-loss, vitality, and the powerful, self-confidence that we call COLD-FIRE.

62-year-old Alice: I had slowly gained 30 pounds during the last 20 years of my marriage and then my husband left me for a 40-year-old. I tried all the tricks I knew to lose weight, but it was not working anymore. My mojo was gone. I met Debi through my son and after learning my blood sugar response to my meals, the weight just melted off and my energy soared. I began dating and even saw how stress or a fight with my new boyfriend, affected my blood sugars. I feel so empowered because I now know what to do.


Why My Perfect Plate …. And Why NOW?

Here are my biggest takeaways from 2020 – and Your Biggest Opportunity of 2021

55-year-old Cathy: I came to Debi with my daughter who had been on Adderall for 10 years however, at 16, I took her off, and she gained near 50 pounds and was even put-on blood sugar medication. We looked at her blood sugar response to her meals both on the meds and off. We actually took the results to the doctor who then took her off the blood sugar meds, and we worked with Debi to identify the Perfect Plate for my 16-year-old. The weight came off. Debi taught her the real expectations and that the process would be slower than she may like, but she would never diet again. She began to be, think, and act as if she was already gorgeous and successful. Yes, my little girl who locked herself in her bedroom dealing with self-esteem and anxiety, lost weight, went to college, and is a successful and happy woman!

40-year-old Victoria: I am a teacher, married with a five-year-old daughter. I came to Debi through another program and was primarily dealing with depression and low energy. I had no motivation to cook or do much outside of work. I was surprised she had me look at blood sugars because I really had no weight issue. But Debi truly taught me the language of my body! I had seen countless therapists and was on countless meds but I learned how my day-to-day activities were affecting my mood and energy. I think because I finally understood me that I became so motivated to take the best care of not just me but also my family. Debi teaches in such a way that even my daughter will tell me, ‘mom my jar is getting full…I better not have that candy today.’ Debi teaches the ‘Barrell Effect’ and how to recognize the early red flags and warning signs of disease.


Then Let’s SKIP! Let’s learn the language of YOUR Body. Let’s stop guessing about what could work and ASK YOUR BODY.

But even with all that said, it has been a difficult year to try to implement change when it feels the entire world is changing around us.

In 2020, the whole world made a shift to ‘living in fear of a germ’ terrified to hug, laugh, or sing in close quarters.

But the time could not be more pressing to take a stand for YOU and learn about you so that you are stronger to withstand the uncertainty around us.

If there is uncertainty around every corner, can you imagine how comforting it would be if there were no uncertainty around your body and mind?

The truth is sometimes people with the best intentions are plain wrong.

For example:

Marketers love to push the magic pill, ‘just take this and you will have boundless energy and lose weight FAST.’ But folks, it just turns into another fad and another pill and all the while, you are bank account is shrinking while theirs grows.


What is now normal is not natural folks! Do you wake at the break of dawn, not needing an alarm clock but wake because the sun is gently kissing your eyelids? You feel rested with no need for caffeine, you make it to the afternoon with an abundance of energy, then get home and kiss the spouse or partner or kids, make the dinner, do a load of laundry, head out to the PTA meeting or Networking event, get home and go to bed where your head hits the pillow and you sleep deeeeeply, awaking anew and afresh. That is natural but probably not normal.

No, we need a pill to get to sleep, a pill to feel happy, a pill to get an erection and I have to ask, do you really think that if you are depressed that you are deficient in Prozac?

This may be normal but it is not natural.

Put simply – if you are not naturally fit and energetic it is simply because you do not have the information or resources to implement these common-sense strategies.

So, The Most Important Part Of My Teaching Mission Now…Is To Serve You With Proven Simple At-Home Tests That Reveal Secrets In Your Body That Have Been Holding You Back and the Early Red-Flags and Warning Signs Of An Impending Health Diagnosis.

So That You Have The Energy And Clarity To Fulfill Your Spiritual Destiny.

The key to unbridled health boils down to:

Knowing you which starts with understanding how the ratio of carbs to protein to fat on your plate affects your blood sugar over the next few hours. Then you can easily modify based on what your body is asking for improved, mood, energy, focus, and weight loss.

Understanding that whether you have allergies, asthma, anxiety, accelerated aging (and that is just the A’s) then there are consistently 5 common denominators of imbalance in your body at the root of your challenges.

Before we get into the Nuts and Bolts at the webinar….

I want to share one last thing. If you prayed for a healing and, you got it, but in ignorance, you went back out and did the same thing that got you sick in the first place and your illness returned, what then would happen to your faith?Sometimes, the answer to prayer comes in the form of knowledge.

SKIP! Self-Knowledge is POWERFUL!


Debi Waldeck has helped thousands learn the language of their body who walk-away with unshakable confidence that comes from knowing their body and mind so that achieving weight goals and improving vitality is effortless. She is the proud mother of two who has continued on to medical school, ages 34 and 31, the happy wife of 35 years. Debi loves to learn, learn, learn, and dance, garden, and spend time with family and friends.

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